Neonatology Services

Our providers have approximately 30 years experience providing neonatology services with several years experience providing services via a telemedicine model.  Our excellent neonatology providers and experienced, highly-skilled NNP providers offer 24/7 hands-on neonatology coverage.

As our providers are available at all times, we also serve as an excellent resource to the pediatric community to provide well baby care as-needed.

For those sites wishing to upgrade to a higher level of care, our team can assist in navigating the process, and UTS can efficiently expand its professional services accordingly.  In addition, the UTS team has experience designing and launching transport systems for Level 3 facilities to coordinate bringing neonates requiring higher levels of care to the hub hospital.


Neonatology Level II Capabilities

  • Provide care for infants born at > 32 weeks gestational age and weighing > 1500 grams who have physiologic immaturity or who are moderately ill with problems that are expected to resolve rapidly and are not anticipated to need subspecialty services on an urgent basis
  • Provides care for infants convalescing after intensive care
  • Provide mechanical ventilation for brief duration (< 24 hours) or continuous positive airway pressure or both
  • Stabilize infants born before 32 weeks gestation and weighing < 1500 grams until transfer to a neonatal intensive care facility

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