Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach to any new project always focuses on existing or ideal processes and workflows. Reduced disruption results in less confusion and increased adoption of our models. We simply add the technology component and certain enhancements needed to support the desired delivery of care and information flow.


How long will it take to get a program up and running?

3-6 months, though this can be higher or lower due to external factors beyond UTS control (i.e., facility credentialing, facility equipment, etc.)

Does UTS accept my patient’s insurance?

During the implementation phase, UTS will work with the hospital to ensure we are credentialed with the same payers.


Can Pediatricians see their own nursery babies?

Although UTS will care for all sick babies (Level II and up), the well baby population can either be cared for by UTS or the local pediatricians.

Do UTS providers attend deliveries?

UTS providers attend all high risk deliveries and any others that the delivering OB requests a neonatology provider to be present.

What is the provider availability?

UTS providers are available to be on site 24/7/365 according to the hospital’s bylaws/guidelines (typically within 10 minutes).


Are all ultrasounds performed and read by UTS?

Many OB offices have in-house ultrasound and are comfortable performing and reading higher level ultrasounds.  UTS does not interfere with this practice.  UTS will provide the maternal and fetal evaluation(s) as well as any routine OB anatomy scans for those OB’s who either don’t have US in house or would prefer to have their study performed by UTS and read by the MFM.

How does an OB refer to UTS MFM?

It is a simple process of completing a simple MFM order form and faxing it along with the patient clinical summary and demographics to our secure fax line.  We take it from there.  The referring office will be notified of the appointment date/time and also notified if there are any changes to the appointment or if the patient fails to show.   For inpatient referrals, the OB simply completes the CPOE for MFM consult and ultrasound.

What is the MFM provider availability?

UTS will operate an outpatient clinic M-F during business hours; however, our MFMs are available via telephone to the staff OB’s 24/7/365.

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask any question in the form below and we will contact you to clear up the details.